Owners representative for a 47m yacht new build

We were approached by a large and well known maritime law firm who recommended our services to a client that was about to sign a contract for a 47metre composite yacht to be built in Turkey.

This was the first new yacht for the client, and only the second yacht that the yard had built, so we were involved from the specification review all the way through to delivery and arranging its registration.

We advised the owners on technical matters, negotiated change orders, monitored quality, and assisted with the selection and purchasing of owner-supplied items including tenders. We also provided counsel on regulatory matters.

We tailor our services for each client and project, and in this instance we visited the yard on average twice a month during the bulk of the construction period, and then full time for the last month – this provided the best combination of input and outlay for the client.

The yacht is owner-managed, but Manta supplies the yacht’s Mini ISM documentation and provides ad-hoc advice to the owners and crew. We also support the family’s other yachts in a similar capacity.

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