Ken Appleby appointed as DPA

We are delighted to announce that Ken Appleby has joined Manta as Designated Person Ashore and Company Security Officer.

Ken brings with him many years experience in the yachting sector having worked with owners, builders and designers on countless diverse projects.

I am delighted to have already contributed to the development of our safety management documentation and to have been awarded our Document of Compliance for yachts and passenger ships from the Cayman Registry, said Ken.
… and I look forward to leading the yacht management arm of Manta where I will work closely with captains and crews to ensure that our yachts are operated to the highest levels of safety.

Before joining Manta, Ken worked for the Cayman Registry, helping to establish it as the largest superyacht registry. He was at the forefront of the introduction of both the MCA and PYC Codes and, in recent years, was involved with the design and construction of the world’s largest yachts.

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