Financial Management

There’s no escaping that owning and operating a yacht is a costly business. And minimising the financial outlay associated with this is often a key concern for owners.

Careful control of operational and maintenance expenses helps to minimise overheads whilst ensuring asset value is maintained – and any potential charter revenues maximised.

At Manta, we operate a robust approach to financial management.  We explore the range and value of each vendor to ensure you get the best price for these essential services, as well as the full benefit of any discounts we negotiate for you.

Our account managers partner with the captain to prepare an initial operating budget – and then constantly monitor cash-flow against it.  This means the captain can focus on onboard operational matters - including the wellbeing of guests - without having to worry about financial matters.

PUNCH LINE? With Manta, you can be sure that your yacht’s financial matters are in capable hands OR Our efficient financial management capabilities will ensure costs are kept to a minimum