New Construction & Refits

Translating your vision for a new yacht into reality is a complex and challenging process – from initial design, through the build stages, commissioning, and into active service.

It’s a similar story when it comes to planning and executing a refit.  All of the required changes must be incorporated to the highest standard.   Not to mention complying with the regulations, and co-ordinating all of this with regular equipment servicing and repairs.

At Manta, we appoint a dedicated on-site team to represent the owner during a new-build or refit. This team – which includes experts who have worked on many new construction and refit projects in different countries – are used to working with designers and shipyards on range of projects with wide ranging budgets.

From drafting or reviewing the initial tender package and technical specification, to assisting with the final delivery, our team will be with you every step of the way.

And the build or refit process doesn't just end once your yacht is delivered.  There are guarantees and warranties that require careful management to ensure that any problems or failures are addressed at the shipyard’s cost.

Manta’s team remains involved throughout the warranty period. We make sure that any claims are raised in a timely manner and tightly controlled until a satisfactory outcome is reached.